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Gryphon : new and selected stories / Charles Baxter

Gryphon: New and Selected Stories - Charles Baxter

This was a selection for my book club two months ago--but I couldn't get my hands on it before this month.  I do remember that it was not the most popular book amongst book club members, so I had some prejudices going in.  I really didn't care for the first 6 stories, but after that I found them a bit better.  Perhaps I was just getting into the rhythm of reading short fiction, or maybe they improved, I'm not sure.  I am not usually a fan of short fiction--these stories would, in my opinion, just get going, I'd just get to know the characters a bit, and then they were over.  And they seemed uniformly depressing--people in difficult situations, not sure how to act, sometimes behaving poorly--and no real change to be found.  No redemption, no improvement in their situations or their lives.  No point, really.  I realize that this is probably the most true to real life, but I don't read for real life--I live that.  I want to read something unlike my life.


I really struggled to finish this book, especially since the book club meeting for which I was supposed to read it was long gone.


Extremely well written, but not for me.