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I saw this cutie pie in Chengdu in April.
I saw this cutie pie in Chengdu in April.

Who can resist a panda?  Especially a baby panda!


In the middle of the big city of Chengdu is the Giant Panda Breeding Facility.  We were there on a windy, rainy day and managed to have a great time despite the weather. 


This little one was more intent on playing with bamboo, while Mom wanted to eat it.


China is an amazing country and I would highly recommend visiting it.  I was impressed by the cleanliness (no littler anywhere in the major cities), the greenery planted in every available spot, and the general well being of the people.  True, the smog was a little thick, but I think they will deal with that eventually.  I also saw more wind-energy turbines (when visiting Inner Mongolia) than I have ever seen before, so they are already working on the problem. 


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