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I am currently reading my way through a long list of science fiction and fantasy titles.  (http://www.npr.org/2011/08/07/138938145/science-fiction-and-fantasy-finalists if you are interested in the list).

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My Ten Things

Thanks to all who have already shared 10 things, especially to Grimlock who got the ball rolling!


  1.  I am also an introvert, although I can stand quite happily in front of a large group of strangers and give a presentation as long as I know the subject matter extremely well.  But, put a drink in my hand and send me out into the same group of strangers to make small talk and I will soon disappear out the back door and head for home.  For socializing, I prefer a small group of known quantities.
  2. I was a horse-crazy kid/teen and at one point had three horses (the benefits of growing up on a farm).  In my thirties, living in an apartment, I acquired two bunnies.  Although I am currently without animals, my goal is eventually to become a Crazy Bunny Lady.
  3. I have two Bachelor of Arts degrees in General Studies (polite talk for saying I couldn’t make up my mind) and in Canadian Studies.  I have taken at least a half course in darn near everything except engineering or business.  In fact I took 3 half courses in Ancient Greek translation—don’t ask me why, I have forgotten my younger self’s motivation for this!  I now remember only one sentence, the first one I ever translated, “The boat is in Byzantium.”  Not dreadfully useful.
  4. I am a Shakespeare nerd, trying to see and read all of the Bard’s plays.  I like to see them first, then read the text once I feel I know what’s going on.
  5. I have worked in a university library since the mid-1980s.  Currently I am a cataloguer and as such I have created records for many media: books, pamphlets, video recordings, videogames, sound recordings, special collections, etc.  I’m currently finishing up the loose ends on a major military book donation, learning how to arrange archival collections and doing database clean-up for our campus museum’s Numismatics collection.  Eventually, I may get my hands on a major comic book collection donation.
  6. I all but quit reading in my mid-thirties when my parents were killed in a car accident.  I had always discussed my reading with my mother and couldn’t face the printed page without my discussion buddy.  I even gave away vast portions of my book collection.  Eventually I returned to reading non-fiction and just a few years ago was lured back into the world of reading fiction and reviewing by science fiction and fantasy literature.
  7. I am an obsessed birder and have seen over 2000 bird species (for perspective, there are approximately 10,000 species world-wide).  I am going to Venezuela in March and to China in April to notch a few more species.
  8. I have been to all seven continents, including twice to Antarctica.  My goal is to see all species of penguins and cranes, so I will probably return to Antarctica at some point in pursuit of the Emperor Penguin.
  9. I often feel like a square peg in a round hold in our society, as I have never married, have no children, do not own a television and read constantly.  The bird obsession doesn’t help, either.
  10. Although I enjoy my job, I am planning to retire in 2.5 years.  Then I plan to look for a part-time job in a wine store so that I can take advantage of the employee discount.