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Undiet / Meghan Telpner

UnDiet: Break All the Rules, Have Tons of Fun, and Cleanse the Clutter for an Abundantly Vibrant Life - Meghan Telpner

What can I say beyond the fact that I am not the target audience for this book?  In my opinion, it is aimed at a much younger demographic, not at us fifty-somethings.  I found the author’s predilection to making up words annoying.  I’m sure regular visitors to her blog find it charming.  I also found the tone alternated between “chirpy” and “preachy,” neither of which really appealed to me.  For young women in their 20s or 30s, I think it might be much more appropriate.  And I would hate to be a man trying to read this!


I do agree with several of her basic premises—I do try to do my own cooking, rather than consume processed food.  I have reduced a lot of “personal care” products and have looked for simpler versions of them.  My next project, in tune with one of the chapters of this book, is to make my own household cleaners.  Hello, vinegar and baking soda, we are going to become much better friends.


I am sure for the right audience, this would be a great book, but I found myself more irritated than entertained.