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Beautifully Unique Sparkleponies / Chris Kluwe

Beautifully Unique Sparkleponies: On Myths, Morons, Free Speech, Football, and Assorted Absurdities - Chris Kluwe

I can't even remember how this book got on my radar--I know from my own shelving tag that I heard about it on CBC radio, but I can't recall the details at all.  Which is kind of disappointing, as those details might have given me more enthusiasm for the work.  Not to say that its a bad book, just that I am not its intended audience.


Kluwe actually writes quite clearly and intelligently, not necessarily something that you expect from someone who plays pro football.  He is outspoken in his support of gay marriage and any other topic which catch his attention.  That said, there are at least 4 essays on the gay marriage issue, which becomes a bit repetitive.  I'm surprised his editor didn't ban at least a couple of them, as Kluwe obviously enjoys writing and could probably have produced some opinions on other topics. 


I have to say it is also a tremendously American book--there is absolutely no thought given to looking outside the US for examples (e.g. Canada legalized gay marriage some time ago and the marriage apocalypse has not taken place here). 


My rating does not reflect the book or its contents, just that I am the wrong audience for it.  It was a quick read (took me one evening) and I found that I agreed with a number of his opinions, or at least didn't disagree too hard.  On football, I have absolutely no opinions--I am a football agnostic. There may also be a generational thing happening here, as I am 20 years Kluwe's senior.  It will probably appeal to a younger demographic who, like Kluwe, grew up with the internet.


Why did I read the whole book?  Because I have been on a waiting list at my library for months and there's someone else who has been just as patient who wants the book when I'm done.  They will get their turn promptly.