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The Perfect Home for a Long Life

The Perfect Home for a Long Life: Housing Ourselves for the Future - Lyndsay Green

I have to admit that I much preferred another of the author's books, You Could Live a Long Time, Are You Ready?  It was based on the premise that you can learn a lot about aging successfully by interviewing those who are further along the path than you. 


Here in North America, at least, people tend to focus a bit too sharply on financial matters when they think about retirement.  Finances matter, but you also have to think about how you will fill your days, who you will be spending time with and other social matters as well.


This book concentrates on the home front--where will I live as an aging person?  A number of the chapters didn't really apply to me, as I have no children and I've never owned a huge house.  It has encouraged me, however, to get busy sorting, selling & donating many of the possessions that have been malingering in my apartment!


At this point, I'm only in my 50s, so I don't think I need to start researching nursing homes quite yet, but it may be time to start investigating the alternatives that are available in my city and see what the options are.  Plus, let my family know about my thoughts on these matters, particularly my sister who will get power of attorney when I become incapable of making my own decisions.