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Russian Winter

Russian Winter - Daphne Kalotay

My book club's selection for December.


I would recommend it for those who are really into ballet, as an aging Russian ballerina is one of the main characters.  Or for those who are really interested in life in the Soviet Union during Stalin's tenure.  The portrayal of life at that time felt really gritty and realistic to me, although its a time & place that I'm not really familiar with and an expert might disagree with me on that.


It would also be of interest if you have an inclination towards high-end jewellery or are intrigued by the workings of auction houses.  Another main character, Drew, works for such an auction facility and I enjoyed the research/writing aspects as she created the auction catalogue.


The third main character, Grigori, is a Russian language & literature professor with a personal mystery which brings him in contact with both of the above women.  As an adopted child, with a limited amount of information about his birth parents, he is struggling to find out more about his real roots.  This angle appealed to the genealogist in me.


Overall, a reasonably good book, but not likely one that I will ever return to.  However, I am always glad when my book club stretches me a bit, getting me to read outside my usual comfort zone.  3 Stars.