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I am currently reading my way through a long list of science fiction and fantasy titles.  (http://www.npr.org/2011/08/07/138938145/science-fiction-and-fantasy-finalists if you are interested in the list).

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Passage to Dawn / R.A. Salvatore

Passage to Dawn (Forgotten Realms: Legacy of the Drow, #4; Legend of Drizzt, #10) - R.A. Salvatore

Drizzt and Catti-brie have been away from Mithral Hall for six long years, but the pain of a lost companion still weighs heavily on their strong shoulders. Chasing pirates aboard Captain Deudermont's Sea Sprite is enough to draw their attention away from their grief. Then a mysterious castaway on an uncharted island sends them back to the very source of their pain, and into the clutches of a demon with vengeance on his mind. 


Ah, Drizzt. A complete change of pace from the steady flow of mysteries that I’ve been consuming lately. Also very useful as a “sleeping pill” during a night of insomnia recently. No complicated plot to keep track of, no subtle details that I might lose sight of during my sleep-impaired state.

I know that a lot of folks love these books. I find them a bit simple for my taste. I like a few more grey areas, not such black-or-white morality. I can appreciate the value of friendship that Salvatore dramatizes in these adventures, and they are entertaining enough that I don’t hate reading them. This is a very good thing, as Salvatore has written a ton of them and I’ll be reading a fair few more if I continue on with my reading project!

Sometimes I find the cover art more entertaining than the actual story. I was disappointed that the six-armed snake lady didn’t appear until the final pages of the novel. What an uncluttered closet she must have--only requiring gauntlets, a multi-weapon sword belt, and various bras! (I trust she has more luck that I do getting the straps to stay up!)

Book number 328 in my Science Fiction and Fantasy Reading Project.