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The Janus Stone / Elly Griffiths

The Janus Stone - Elly Griffiths

It’s been only a few months since archaeologist Ruth Galloway found herself entangled in a missing persons case, barely escaping with her life. But when construction workers demolishing a large old house in Norwich uncover the bones of a child beneath a doorway—minus its skull—Ruth is once again called upon to investigate. Is it a Roman-era ritual sacrifice, or is the killer closer at hand?

Ruth and Detective Harry Nelson would like to find out—and fast. When they realize the house was once a children’s home, they track down the Catholic priest who served as its operator. Father Hennessey reports that two children did go missing from the home forty years before—a boy and a girl. They were never found. When carbon dating proves that the child’s bones predate the home and relate to a time when the house was privately owned, Ruth is drawn ever more deeply into the case. But as spring turns into summer it becomes clear that someone is trying very hard to put her off the trail by frightening her, and her unborn child, half to death.


Okay, I have definitely become invested in this series. I really like the main character, Ruth Galloway, probably because I can see a fair number of my own beliefs and qualities reflected in her. Ruth is a professional woman, working for a university, building a life for herself as a single woman, pretty immune to religion of any flavour but willing to contemplate the faith of her friendly neighbourhood Druid, and reserving the right to tell everyone else to bugger off.

I must confess that I don’t know how I would have responded to finding myself pregnant after a one night stand, but I think I would have waded into the situation just as Ruth has done. I find myself both fascinated by her situation and glad that I never had to face it myself (although I’m aware that it could easily have happened).

I found it amusing that this self-sufficient woman, who never really expects to have a stable relationship with any of the men in her life, ends up in hospital with no fewer than three of them in tow. When I’ve ended up in hospital, its always been my female friends and relatives who have surrounded me!

I’m so tempted to just barrel along through this series, but I also find myself wanting to draw out the reading experience and not finish it up too quickly. I do enjoy the anticipation of waiting to read the next installment! I guess that’s my way of saying that I’ll definitely read The House at Sea’s End, but I’ll save it for a special occasion or when I need a pick-me-up.