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A Fool and His Honey / Charlaine Harris

A Fool and His Honey - Charlaine Harris

When Aurora Teagarden's delivery man goes crazy in her backyard, Aurora finds herself investigating a series of increasingly mysterious events that culminates in an ax murder...



I read this book to fill the Cozy Mystery square of my 2019 Halloween Bingo Card.

I’ve been slowly but surely working my way through this Charlaine Harris cozy mystery series over the last several years. This is the sixth installment in the series and in my opinion it is the best so far.

I’m not the biggest fan of cozies. For me, they have too much emphasis on things like what the heroine is cooking for supper or everybody’s showering schedules. Spare me those details! I like a bit less domesticity and a bit more dastardly murder. However, Harris ends this one with a bang and that elevates it for me. Usually I can wait many months before picking up the next book, but this one makes me want to pick up Last Scene Alive right away!

A great beginning to this year’s Halloween Bingo!