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I am currently reading my way through a long list of science fiction and fantasy titles.  (http://www.npr.org/2011/08/07/138938145/science-fiction-and-fantasy-finalists if you are interested in the list).

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Menu Monday (but on Tuesday)

Another week when I'm a day late and a dollar short.  Better late than never?


First up, is Sweet Sriracha Chicken.  This is my second or third time making this and I now have the hang of it.  The sauce consists of equal parts honey & Sraracha sauce, plus small amounts of a few other ingredients including a lot of chopped garlic:



They were just the right amount of spicy & sweet.


Next was a brand new recipe, for a Taco Casserole:



As you can tell, I forgot to take a photo until after a good portion of the casserole had been consumed!  It was good & filling, if not tremendously memorable.  I can see myself assembling it again and perhaps using the left overs in a Taco Salad.


Finally, after a much-needed chiropractic appointment, I put together some comfort food:  Coconut Curried Chicken!



I recently found about half-size cans of coconut milk, which were the perfect size for this purpose.  No more measuring out part of a large can and wondering what to do with the remainder.  This makes the perfect amount of curry-coconut sauce to make the rice extra delicious.


Have a delicious week, friends.