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I am currently reading my way through a long list of science fiction and fantasy titles.  (http://www.npr.org/2011/08/07/138938145/science-fiction-and-fantasy-finalists if you are interested in the list).

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London Rules (Slough House) - Mick Herron

Roderick Ho was hunting for Pokemon on the way to work and was saved by a coworker from being run over:


"Well then, let's assume it was a tourist.  An unexpected sighting of Roderick Ho would alarm almost anyone, and you know what foreigners are like.  Excitable. And rubbish drivers.  Why didn't Ho bring this up himself, anyway?  Not usually a shrinking violet, is he?  More like poison ivy."

"He didn't notice," Shirley said.

Lamb stared at her for a moment or two, then nodded.  "Yeah, okay.  I can see that happening."






Before she could stop herself, she said, "Shirley reckons we should keep an eye on Ho."

"What, watch his back?"

"That kind of thing."

"After hours?"

"The only harm he'll come to here is from us."

"You know he goes clubbing, don't you?"

"I figured."

"With, I can only assume, like-minded people. People like Ho?" He paused. "We'll want hazmat suits."