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I am currently reading my way through a long list of science fiction and fantasy titles.  (http://www.npr.org/2011/08/07/138938145/science-fiction-and-fantasy-finalists if you are interested in the list).

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Gingerbread Pudding Cake still in the slow cooker
Gingerbread Pudding Cake still in the slow cooker
A yummy bowl of goodness!
A yummy bowl of goodness!

My sister was supposed to come visit last night.  She was dropping her husband off at the airport to go to a teachers' conference in California.  However, we were under a snowfall advisory yesterday and the roads were just treacherous.  On my short drive home from work, I saw all kinds of slipping, sliding, and fish-tailing.  When she called me from the airport, we agreed that she'd be better off heading straight home, rather than venturing into the city.


But I had already put the Gingerbread Pudding Cake into the slow cooker and I can't say that I regret it.  I will be making this again!  Yum.


My sister will be back to pick up her hubbie on Sunday.  His flight doesn't come in until after midnight, so we'll go out to dinner with a cousin and then visit until I have to go to bed.  I'm glad, because even though she only lives about a 1.5 hour drive away, I haven't seen her since October.