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White Hot / Ilona Andrews

White Hot -  Ilona Andrews

Not only did I read this book a second time, I couldn’t wait to do it.  So, I bought the book on Tuesday and read it on both Tuesday and Wednesday.  Slightly slower the second time, to appreciate the details more.


I must confess, I was a teeny-tiny bit disappointed with Nevada’s inner dialog and the exchanges between her & Rogan—there were not so many wonderfully amusing lines like there were in the first book.  I actually had a pen & paper at my side as I read through the second time to record my favourites and found only a couple.*  In any series where romance takes the centre stage, it is difficult to maintain the romantic tension when both parties admit that they are interested. 


However, there is still Nevada’s wonderful family—Grandma the heavy duty mechanic and her tanks, Mom the sniper, Bernard the hacker, and the sisters and cousins with hinted-at-but-undisclosed magical powers.  Leon, in particular, shows some worrisome tendencies in this book and I will be interested to see where the Andrews are headed with him.  Nevada’s paternal family who must be dealt with are also introduced and will undoubtedly provide significant problems ahead.


My suspicions from the first book about Nevada’s talents were confirmed many times over in this book and her way forward to deal with them will no doubt figure prominently in book three.  Overall, I have to say I am very eager for Book 3 in July.


*For example:  “Do you remember that big speech I made in your garage?”
“Which one?” I sighed. “You’ve made several. I’m contemplating installing a personal soapbox with your name on it.”
“The one where I said you would beg to climb into my bed?”
“Ah. That one. How could I forget? I kept waiting for you to pound your chest like a silverback gorilla.”