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Surgery successful

My eye surgeon gave me a vision test yesterday--I have 20/20 vision in both eyes now and have been given the official kiss of approval to drive again.  Yay!


Still putting in lots of eye drops and I have to be careful not to rub my eyes (and potentially move the new lenses).  About 3 weeks away from being able to take a bath--showers, being careful not to get water in the eyes, until then.  You know the old saying, In wine there is wisdom, in beer there is strength, in water there's bacteria.


My near vision is still fuzzy and I will probably need reading glasses, but things improve day by day.  I have a visit with my optometrist in early September to see where things have stabilized.  (Actually, I have an appointment with his brother, but same thing really).


I have some superstar friends, who chauffeured me to surgeries and post-op visits and I can't thank them enough. 


If you have cataracts and are hesitating to go under the knife, take it from me--the outcome is well worth it.  Go for it!