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In the House of the Seven Librarians / Ellen Klages

In the House of the Seven Librarians - Ellen Klages

A delightful short story, especially if you work in a library, as I do. A library is closing, the contents moving to a new building across town.  But of course, not all of the books are going to move, quite a selection will be left behind to make room for new acquisitions in the new facility.  And seven librarians also stay behind and lock the doors, making the library their very own. They go feral.


Soon, a drastically overdue book is left on their doorstep with a note—I can’t afford the library fines, so here is my first born.  So the seven feral librarians acquire a baby girl.  This is her story.


I adored all the lovingly used library stereotypes!  For example, I think we all know (or knew) a librarian who wore a shapeless old cardigan.  There is plenty of stamping of cards and books and mending of bindings. And seriously, how many of us who work in libraries haven't dreamed about shutting out the public and just enjoying the library by ourselves!


A love letter to libraries and their staff.