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Moon Called / Patricia Briggs

Moon Called - Patricia Briggs

***Wanda's Summer Festival of Reading Fluff***

1. Mercy is a mechanic (and a good one).
2. She is a capable person who runs her life responsibly and has compassion for others.
3. I love Warren, the gay werewolf and his human partner, Kyle. They are great.
4. I also enjoyed Stefan, the friendly vampire.

1. Have you looked at that cover? Mercy is never depicted as dressing that way in the book. She’s a jeans-and-T-shirt gal. Not a book I would read in public just because that cover would embarass me.
2. Loaded with alpha-male werewolves. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but what woman in her right mind would actually want to put up with one, let alone two as Mercy does? In real life, that’s abusive behavior and I really can’t figure out why there’s so damn much of it in current pop fiction. I am mystified.
3. I wonder what a person of aboriginal heritage would think of the whole story? I guess if you’re making up things about aboriginal people, that’s not cultural appropriation?

On the whole, I liked to the story and I will probably read more of the series in the future because of the pluses mentioned above.