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Storm Front / Jim Butcher

Storm Front - Jim Butcher

3.5 stars


If this had been the first urban fantasy that I had ever read, I think I would be far more impressed that I am. Don’t get me wrong, I really did like it. But I felt like the first half of the book consisted of Butcher feeling his way, trying to find out who Harry Dresden is. Somewhere around chapter 14 or so, something clicked into place and Harry solidified for me. The last few chapters were wonderful.


Storm Front may take place in a city, but parts of it felt more like a Western to me, particularly with Harry always in his duster (except while facing a demon while in the nude, of course). He seems to alternate between acting like a sheriff (when investigating) and being an outlaw (as he is investigated).


Butcher is also playing with aspects of the Noir detective genre, with Harry being down on his luck, short of cash, and unlucky in love. Plus having an uncertain relationship with the police department.


All these references either work for you or they don’t. As I said before, I found the first half of the book rather busy with them, pulled between the Western vibe and the Noir vibe, but when the plot coalesced and started moving quickly, all was forgiven. I will definitely read the next book in the series to see where Harry goes from here.