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I am currently reading my way through a long list of science fiction and fantasy titles.  (http://www.npr.org/2011/08/07/138938145/science-fiction-and-fantasy-finalists if you are interested in the list).

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Welcome to May


I am planning an expedition to a city park to see the blooming crocuses. I'm debating driving out of town to go birding on the back roads away from people,


I'm waiting to see how our province's reopening plans work out.


I've quit making reading plans because I just can't stick to them.


Tra la. 

Friday Flowers

A little beauty for your Friday. An orchid photographed in the Calgary Zoo's orchid garden in 2012.




Have a good weekend!

Pandemic Cuisine # 6

Time to use the red pepper and the snap peas that I bought in my last grocery run.  So, chicken stir fry was on the menu.



While other people went home to dinner this evening, I went on another grocery shopping expedition. There was garlic! I did a quick dance step in the produce section. The shelves aren't nearly as bare as the last time I was in the store. The staff seemed more relaxed too.


I was almost out of coffee cream, so that emergency has been averted!


Time to hunker down again. 

Pandemic Cuisine # 6

The milk is just past its *best before* date and the potatoes are starting to think about sprouting. Both signs that it's time to make Scalloped Potatoes. Oh, and look, there's this cheese that needs to be used! Voila, Potatoes au Gratin.



Sorry for the crappy photo. My tablet doesn't take the best pictures and it's even harder without natural light. The flash, such as it is, makes for dark photos. However the spuds were tasty.

Friday Flowers

I live in Alberta and this is our provincial flower, the wild rose. Photo taken last summer. 



Happy Friday.

Pandemic Cuisine # 5

Yes, I know it's not Tuesday. I wanted tacos anyway. Because lettuce. I am determined that the lettuce won't become mush in the fridge.



Tomorrow should include taco salad. Then I must check to see whether the red pepper or the snap peas are looking sad. I will know what to cook next based on their appearance.

From a Poet Who Knows It

Apocalyptic Baking # 2

Feeling the need for some treats right now, so I baked some Berry Cornmeal Muffins.





In other news, it is warm enough today that I can open a couple of windows and let in some fresh air.  

Pandemic Cuisine # 4

Tonight's dinner, stir fried pork & broccoli



I am so pleased that all the broccoli is used now. Next, I have lettuce that needs attention. Salad in the near future!



Friday Flowers

Here are some harebells to brighten your day.



Photographed last summer in the Canadian Rocky Mountains.


Hang in there!

TBR Thursday

Imaginary Numbers  - Seanan McGuire Finity's End - C.J. Cherryh Wicked Lovely  - Melissa Marr

I've compiled a list of the books waiting on my shelves for attention. I was shocked to realize there were over 100. Well, maybe not shocked. Mildly surprised.


And I'll confess right now that I received a parcel earlier this week with several additions to that collection. My book club is meeting via Google hangouts these days and since I compiled this year's reading list, I feel duty bound to read the books. So much for carefully making sure that the public library had all the books on my list.


So Imaginary Numbers is one of my newest acquisitions and probably the next book in my future. Then I plan to continue my scifi reading project with C.J. Cherryh, and finally return to the land of Faerie with Wicked Lovely


I find that my powers of concentration vary wildly from day to day. Today is a good day, yesterday was a distracted day. I'm learning to just roll with whatever happens, not my usual setting.  This too shall pass.


Stay healthy & happy, my friends.

Pandemic Cuisine # 3

On the menu this evening, corn chowder & cornmeal muffins



It snowed again today, so soup felt like the right meal.  Also, the milk hasn't had time to go sour!  It's all about planning.